5 Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Options Which You May Not Know About

Lookalike audiences are the Facebook feature when it comes to audience targeting. The best part about a Custom Audience built on website traffic is being able to create audiences based on which specific pages on your site they've visited (or haven't visited), so you can make sure to send even more targeted ads to the right people.

For media customers, change the drop-down (top-left) to display 7 Click (the likelihood to click an emailed link in the next 7 days) or 30 Pageviews (the likelihood to view a page on your site in the next 30 days), and select the top segment, segment 4.

Once Facebook a good understanding of who the people in your custom audience are, Facebook will create a new audience (with new people) that are closely related to your custom audience. You can create a lookalike audience based on users who subscribe to your email list, or those who have already taken a valuable action for your organization, like an app install or a petition signature.

We needed to put the app in front of teens via targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. The first thing to decide is where to source the people for your seed audience. 2. Select 'Custom Lookalike Audience' from the drop-down "Create Audience" menu. In fact, she purposely targets these customers on Facebook about a day after sending out the email newsletter.

By connecting you with better potential customers, you'll ultimately get better business and better long term ROI. Facebook Lookalike Audiences are exactly what they sound like: they're audiences created from the profile data you've previously uploaded when creating your Custom Audiences.

Once you have created a Custom Audience you can choose it as the source of the Lookalike Audience. Whether it's video production, long-form written content, infographics, or email marketing, you'll want to use these platforms when advertising to your remarketing audiences.

Depending on how closely you want to match your base audience, you can set up a lookalike audience size that's anywhere from 1% to 10%, where the 1% includes only those people who most closely match your base audience. Another profit advantage of these types of audiences is their costs are typically lower than saved target groups.

We're only going to use the segment of our email list that has bought this particular execution guide as a source audience. Becoming overwhelmed can be extremely easy with all of the different types of audiences, ads, experiments, etc. To do this, first create a custom audience.

Furthermore; your audiences have been looking at your ads for a while and it has reached an exhausting level. First, get to navigate back to the Pixel page > Create Custom Audience (see above). Iteration: From early doors we could see the metrics (ie CTR and Conversion Rate) from the retargeting campaign were very strong but the volume of traffic wasn't huge.

Instead, use traffic to high-value pages or folks who have completed a form fill as the source for your lookalike audience; while this will result in a smaller subset of similar Facebook users, the ones surfaced will be more qualified. Facebook's massive user base and precise ad targeting options make it an attractive platform for marketers.

Similar and Lookalike Audiences share the power of making average marketers look better, but they can make expert marketers look prolific. Lookalike Audiences allow you to exponentially grow your reach by leveraging Facebook's enormous amount of user data. Lookalikes are great for attracting new customers but they can also help you launch new products.

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